Youths Seminars “Understanding EU policies towards Moldova”

Youths Seminars “Understanding EU policies towards Moldova”

Announcement & Invitation

Youths Seminars “Understanding EU policies towards Moldova” within the framework of the project "Fostering a deeper Europeanization of Moldova" (EMA) will be organized by the Association for Ethnic and Regional Studies of the Republic of Moldova (ASER), on January 18-22, 2015.


Objectives of the Youths Seminars are:


  1. To  foster and strengthen understanding and awareness of university students from rural areas on EU-Moldova Association Agreement, with emphasis on European Neighborhood Policy (ENP) and Eastern Partnership (EaP);
  2. To inform and raise awareness of representatives of the youth non-governmental organizations on regional and local levels on the importance of the ENP for the development of the country and to promote their engagement in the policy dialogue in their local communities.


The Seminars are tailored for youth people, with focus on Bachelor and Master Students, young university lecturers and researchers, interested administrative staff, civil servants from local, regional public authorities who primarily work with EU law and Policy, leaders of non-governmental organizations wishing to enhance inter-disciplinary skills in different aspects of European integration and wider public. We invite you to participate to the Seminars.


The participation is free of charge; however, registration is mandatory through filling in a registration form before 29 December, 2015.


Working languages of the Youths Seminars are: Romanian and Russian languages with simultaneous translation in English.


For related information concerning the Seminars please see the Section Activities and Methodology.

For further details contact us by e-mail: info@ema-project.md