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December   2015

Jean Monnet Trade Seminar: "EU Trade Policy: Looking to Eastern"

10-11December 2015


Nearly 120 people attended the Jean Monnet Trade Seminar “EU trade Policy: Looking to Eastern”, on 10-11 December 2015, in the framework of the project "Fostering a deeper Europeanization of Moldova"(EMA).

The Seminar was organized by the Association for Ethnic and Regional Studies of the Republic of Moldova (ASER) in the premises of the Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova (Chisinau).

The key objectives of the seminar were:

  1. To foster a better understanding of the EU trade policy, in general, and integration of the Eastern Neighbouring Countries into Eu space, in particular
  2. To gather input from participants on how we could better reflect their concerns in the EU trade policy.


The Jean Monnet Trade Seminar was opened by Olesea SIRBU, EMA project`s coordinator, President of ASER, and Pirkka TAPIOLA, Ambassador, Head of the European Union Delegation to Moldova.


The tone of the conference was set by Rodica CRUDU, associate professor at the Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova, renowned expert on European Economic Integration issues. Her thoughtful, lively and entertaining keynote introductory statement on EU trade Policy, in general, and Eastern Neighbourhood Countries involvement, in particularly, provoked considerable reactions and set the stage for a very successful and interesting seminar, full of lively exchanges and debate.


Participants examined important issues regarding the EU trade policy, centred around the following topics:


“Support to the implementation of DCFTA process in Moldova”, “DCFTA implementation in the Republic of Moldova: achievements and challenges and perspectives”, “DCFTA and new opportunities of Moldovan exports”, “One year from the implementation of MD-EU Association Agreement”, “Opportunities for young entrepreneurs in the conditions of DCFTA implementation in Moldova”, “Support to Small Business in the context of DCFTA implementation in Moldova”, “E-invoicing in EU public procurement as tool cross border trade barriers elimination in Ukraine”, “Structural changes in the foreign trade of Central and Eastern European countries in the process of European integration”, “The socio - economic situation in Transnistria in terms of European integration processes”, “Association Agreement – tool of pre-accession strategy in the context of the EU enlargement towards Central and Eastern Europe. Case of Romania” , “Recent Trends and Challenges for Latvia’s Trade to East”, “The role of the EU agricultural programs in the development of agriculture of Ajarian Autonomous Republic today and in the future and prospects for trade relations”, “Foreign trade of Georgia with EU (European Union) before the ratification of ,,Georgia - EU association agreement" and perspectives after ratification ”, “DCFTA implementation in Ukraine: main opportunities and challenges”, “Removal of technical barriers to trade in the field of legal metrology – Polish experience”, “Economic Relations with Russia after EU Accession: Experiences of the Visegrad States”,etc.


At the end the Seminar,  participants have adopted the Proposals and Recommendations  addressed to the relevant national authorities, decision-makers, governmental bodies, agencies in Moldova, in order to extract more benefits from the implementation of Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area with European Union.


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Jean Monnet Trade Seminar



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Eu Trade Policy- looking to  Eastern  en

Support to the implementation of DCFTA process  in Moldova en

DCFTA Implementation in the Republic of  Moldova - Achivements and Challenges en

EU Markets DCFTA-New trade  opportunities en

DCFTA and New Oppurtunities of  Moldovan Exports en

Economic Relations with Russia after EU Accession- Experiences of the Visegrad States en

Removal of Technical Barriers to Trade in   the Field of Legal Metrology- Polish Experience en

DCFTA Implementation in Ukraine- Main  Opportunities and Challenges en

Foreign Trade of Georgia with EU Before the Ratification of Georgia- EU Association Agreement and Perspective after Ratification eu

Recent Trends and Challenges for en













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“EU trade Policy: Looking to Eastern”