About EMA

About EMA


Overall objective:

The overall objective is to contribute to EU policies towards Moldova by deepening the process of Europeanization of Moldova through accelerating political association and gradual economic integration.


EMA proposal is referring at a sum of actions, orientated to the tertiary education level in the field of European Studies by beginning from the potential contribution of the European Studies in the sustain of transformative processes which define the EU neighbours countries, in general, and Moldova, in particular, in the education field, the one of civil society, of public and private business environment, etc.


Specific objectives:

  1. To project the achievements and obstacles of the Europeanization of Moldova within European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP), namely to raise awareness and inform the wider public on the progress achieved towards political association of Moldova with the EU and promote civil society involvement in the policy development.
  2.  To increase the level of familiarisation of citizens in Moldova, in general, and youth, in particular, on the EU trade policy issues towards Moldova.
  3. To increase knowledge of the target groups on the progress achieved by Moldova within EHEA and ERA and new EU trends in the field of education and research.
  4. To foster cooperation and to involve youths from rural areas in a public policy dialogue regarding integration of Moldova into EU structures and to develop spirit of active citizens in the rural areas of Moldova.
  5. To improve understanding within the EU of the actual development problems and tendencies in Moldova.




Target groups:


1. University students;

2. Academic staff of the universities;

3. Representatives of youth organisations;

4. Members of the administration and organs of local and regional self-government communities;

5. Young researchers;

6. Representatives of NGOs;

7. Professional groups;

8. Legal practitioners;

9. Experts for specific topics in the Project agenda;

10. Members of governmental bodies related to European integration of Moldova;

11. Journalists;

12. The wider public.


ASER – Association for Ethnic and Regional Studies of the Republic of Moldova


Phone: +373 22 402834

Mob: +373 (6) 0608804;

E-mail: oleseasarbu@gmail.com


Olesea Sirbu

President of ASER

Project Facts

Full title: Fostering a deeper Europeanization of Moldova

Acronym: EMA

Project Start: 1 September 2014

Duration: 18 Months

Beneficiary: Association for Ethnic and Regional Studies of the Republic of Moldova (ASER)